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  For years, I was a fearful flyer. My fears and anxiety about being on an airplane did not stop me from flying, but did make the experience very unpleasant. Finally, I decided to take the bull by its horns and solve the problem for good. I started using on myself the cognitive-behavioral coping techniques and the self hypnosis that I teach my flying phobic patients. Within a short time, I began to enjoy flying. Now, I and the many patients whom I have helped to overcome this problem using "The Eimer Method" no longer approach flying with dread.

Flying is an efficient and safe means of transportation. It is a lot safer than driving both statistically and realistically. Even with all of the current hassles associated with flying--busy airports, long lines, security check points, checking baggage, leaner services on commercial airplanes, flying is still the most efficient and safe way to get from here to there. So, why not learn to

enjoy flying? Take that vacation that you've been putting off! Take that trip to see those relatives you haven't seen in 15 years! Take that business trip and enjoy the flight!

I can teach you how, using state of the art Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Hypnosis techniques. Call me (215-947-7867) or email me today for a consultation.

Below is a summary of a typical successful case:

Advice for Fear of Flying: Donna’s Story
Donna was a 42 year-old teacher who won a trip to Hawaii. Exciting, right? Not so much.

Dr. Eimer says, "When she learned the news, she became panicky because she was afraid of flying. In her mind, flying was associated with planes blowing up in the air and crashing on take-off and landing. Donna also felt trapped and out of control whenever she thought about getting on a plane.”

Evaluating the Risks of Flying Versus Driving
In her sessions with Dr. Eimer, Donna realized that she overestimated the risks associated with flying – and she mistakenly assumed that driving is much safer. “This assumption allowed her to drive daily with little fear of having a serious car accident, but it prevented her from getting on an airplane,” says Eimer.

He points out that the probability of getting into a fatal car accident is greater than dying in a plane crash.

How Donna Overcame Her Fear of Flying
“Through therapy, Donna learned that her fear of flying was related to her confusion about the concepts of possibility and probability. She learned to recognize that even though there is a possibility that the plane she would be traveling on could crash, the probability of this happening was very low,” says Dr. Eimer.

Whether you’re struggling with a fear of flying or a fear of heights, it’s important to “clarify the difference between possibility and probability.” How likely is it that the plane will crash, or you’ll suddenly fall off the balcony or cliff? Once you realize how remote the chance of a disaster is, you may feel better quite quickly.

Advice for Fear of Flying: Guided Imagery
Dr. Eimer also taught Donna how to use guided imagery to overcome her fear of flying. She imagined flying to Hawaii safely; she also ran through different scenarios in her head. First, Eimer helped her use guided imagery effectively; then, she practiced it on her own until she felt more comfortable with the thought of getting on the plane.

Dr. Eimer’s advice for fear of flying enabled Donna to fly to Hawaii and enjoy her vacation.

Eimer's Advice on the Fear of Flying - or Other Phobias
“We are often more frightened than circumstances warrant. Our troubles spring more often from what we imagine and fantasize than from external reality,” says Eimer. “It is most adaptive to face your fears armed with knowledge. Many of the events you are afraid of, and consequently avoid, are possible but extremely improbable. That means that the odds or probability of their happening are extremely low. Knowing that these are the facts of a particular fear can give you the confidence to face that fear and do what you have been afraid of doing.”

NOTE: This article was composed by Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen for her website. It appears here with her permission.

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