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As a practicing clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, and hypnotherapist, I am thoroughly committed to maintaining your privacy and confidentiality. I do not accept or bill insurance because, nowadays, insurance companies require much too much personal and confidential information about you and your treatment.

When you come and see me, or work with me by phone, our professional relationship is one-to-one. There are no third parties. Your confidential information will be protected by me. No third parties will have access to it without your permission.

When you go to a therapist through your insurance, you will never know how many third parties will have access to your most private information. You will never know how and when this fact may someday come back to haunt you.

In sum, your personal information will remain safe, private, confidential, protected, and untampered with, when you come to see and work with me.

Dr. Bruce Eimer

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