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Hello. This is Dr. Bruce Eimer speaking from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I offer individual clinical hypnosis sessions at my comfortable private office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The office is actually located in the Abington section of Huntingdon Valley, a suburb of Philadelphia, just minutes from Northeast Philadelphia. Full sessions (one clinical hour) run a full 60 minutes, and the fee is $200. per clinical hour. I also offer hypnosis-by-phone.

Your initial visit with me will involve an evaluation and intake, to gather important information about you and your presenting problem. At this time, I ask many personal questions. Be assured that all information you share is privileged communication and is kept completely confidential and private.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I am bound both legally and ethically to keep all of your personal information and communications with me privileged and completely confidential - to be shared with no one without your written, expressed, and informed consent. This is one of the reasons why I do not accept insurance or bill insurance carriers. The hypnotic and therapeutic relationship is a One-To-One relationship, between You and Me. Insurance carriers are third parties who do not need to know your private business and psychological concerns.

All hypnosis sessions are conducted with complete confidentiality and privacy and are individualized. In our initial visit, I will explain to you how hypnosis can specifically and responsibly be employed to help in solving your presenting problem. You will be helped to feel comfortable with hypnosis.

Pet Therapy

While some problems can be effectively treated in one visit (such as smoking and nail biting in many cases), many problems require more than one visit. If your problem can be effectively treated in one visit, with your informed consent, after the intake evaluation, hypnosis will be conducted (i.e., you will be hypnotized) and appropriate, individualized hypnotic suggestions will be given to you. If more than one visit is necessary, we will come up with a treatment plan and discuss it together. An appointment for a second visit will then be made.

Most problems for which I employ hypnosis can be effectively treated and alleviated with hypnosis in two to five visits. However, because everyone is different, and treatment is individualized, it is not realistic to state that any problem can be alleviated in a specific number of visits. Only averages can be given.

You get the more comfortable chair in the office. This is a recliner, and it is always up to you whether or not to recline or sit up. Relaxing, hypnotic, background music is sometimes played during hypnosis, but this will depend on your preference, the problem, and the situation. Music is never played during therapeutic conversation.

To make an appointment for an Initial Hypnosis Consultation with me, click here or call me: 215-947-7867.


Session fees are paid with cash or check at the beginning of each session.

60 minute session: $200.00
3 hour intensive session: $550.00

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