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  Stop Smoking Immediately

Call: 215-947-7867 (947-STOP)
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Stop Smoking Now
Stop Smoking Session

If you want to stop smoking now, I can help you do it in just ONE visit that lasts two hours. Simply call 215-947-7867 (947-STOP).

If you are ready to stop smoking as soon as possible, or have a stop date in mind, the first step is to call me. You need to have a good reason to want to stop smoking for good. Make a list of your reasons to stop smoking for good.

When you call, we will talk on the telephone for a few minutes, so that I can get your basic information, and help you determine if you are ready to stop smoking, and a candidate for Hypnosis to Stop Smoking in One Visit.

I use an original hypnosis approach that is described in our clinical textbook, Brief Cognitive Hypnosis: Facilitating The Change Of Dysfunctional Behavior, co-authored by Jordan Zarren, M.S.W., D.A.H.B. and me, Bruce Eimer, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

Using this approach for the past 20 years, we have had about a 70% total success rate in helping people stop smoking for good.


1. When you come in to the office, I first do a thorough intake evaluation to determine the appropriate approach to meet your particular, individual needs. In this way, I can gear the hypnosis to meet your individual issues and needs, and help you fulfill your positive expectations.

2. Then, I provide educational information of a nature and form most smokers have never heard. Much of this information is readily available, but ignored by smokers.

3. Then, with your permission, I induce hypnosis without deep trance. This means that you feel very deeply relaxed, but you always remain aware of everything that is going on. In this way, you will not have problems being helped into hypnosis. Prior hypnotizability does not matter! You remain in control at all times, but your Conscious analytical mind takes a break and the doorway to your Subconscious feeling mind is opened with your permission.

4. The Subconscious part of the mind controls all of our habits and all of our physiological functions that keep us alive. With your permission, hypnosis opens the doorway to the Subconscious so that it can be provided with the right information to re-program both your conscious and subconscious beliefs and feelings about the smoking habit.

5. I ask that you bring with you to my office ALL of your cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia (lighters, ashtrays, cigarette cases, etc.). We get rid of all of this together here in the office. This is so you do not have any cigarettes or smoking paraphernalia around you after your session that you could possibly use as a crutch or to test yourself after you've become a nonsmoker. You will not need or want any of these things after the session anyway. You will be a non-smoker!

6. You will walk out of my office as a non-smoker after your Hypnosis Stop Smoking Session. It's really very simple. If you follow my instructions, want it to happen, and let it happen, it will happen. You will have no urge or desire to smoke after your session.

7. Most patients (around 85%) who are ready to stop smoking just need one stop smoking session. This majority of the patients I help to stop smoking have a strong desire to stop smoking and the determination to follow all of my instructions. Some patients need a follow-up hypnosis session because they start smoking again. In some cases, they have not followed crucial instructions. In other cases, there is a problematic issue or obstacle that comes up that they need to address.

8. If you come to see me to stop smoking and you need a follow-up stop smoking hypnosis session because you have started smoking again, there is no charge for that session as long as you call me within two weeks after your first session.  After two weeks, I do charge for further visits.

First we will see if we can solve the problem over the telephone. However, if you need to come back to the office, I will schedule the session at no charge.

9. However, no matter how much time has elapsed, if you have a problem after your hypnosis session related to wanting to still smoke, you are instructed to call me immediately. I do not charge for phone calls or for these booster telephone sessions. They are conversations to boost motivation, provide encouragement and reinforcement, correct a mistake, further educate, and in some cases, clarify a crucial misunderstanding.

And itís that easy!

For more information and to schedule your appointment, call me at 215-947-7867 (947-STOP), or e-mail me, Dr. Eimer, here.


In Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, although prices per cigarette pack and carton vary per brand and where they are purchased, if you smoke on the average, a pack to a pack-and-a-half per day, you are spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $120.00 to 200.00 a month on cigarettes.

The fee for an individualized Hypnosis Stop Smoking Session in person in the office is $350.00. For an individualized stop smoking session through Hypnosis-by-Phone, the fee is also $350.00. After you are a non-smoker for two months, you begin to save money that you used to throw out on cigarettes. And, after just one month as a non-smoker, you will be feeling so much better in every conceivable way.

However, even right after your session, as long as you follow my instructions, you immediately begin to experience the health and well-being benefits of being a non-smoker.

After you are a non-smoker for a year, you will have saved up to $2000.00 that you in the past would have spent on cigarettes. Use the money you save for something good. But much more importantly, you will have saved your life!

Isn't your life worth it?

Call today: 215-947-7867 (947-STOP), or email me.

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