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Dear Dr. Eimer,

Thank you so much for helping me with my nail issue!! I have been going to doctors for many years trying to get the right medicine to help them heal....nothing was working. Awhile ago we went to a comedian hypnotist. I was one of the subjects on stage but when it was all over with I was talking to him and told him about my fingers and nails. He hypnotized me and that worked for a while but I never had any reinforcement. I was so glad when I was able to find your site and get your tape. It has been a week now and my hands look wonderful!!

I see on your site that you are coming out with a weight loss tape too. Do you know when? I was also wondering if you have anything for my husband to quite chewing tobacco? He has tried everything and I think that you might be able to help him too.

Again I thank you so much!! Please let me know on the other things as I look forward to using them also.

Thanks again,
Jessica J.

Hello Dr. Eimer!

I saw how unbelievably successful and wonderful your treatment was for my mother and am confident it could work for me as well with my anxiety. To see my mother go from a woman who thought she would have to be carried out to the car the morning of her surgery or simply not have it done at all, to someone who casually and calmly walked out to the car at 4 a.m. the morning of the surgery, completely blew my mind and I knew then how wonderful you were.

Thank you,

Hi Bruce,

Thank you so much for all your help today!!!!!! We were looking for a place to eat on the way home and I said to my husband..."Let's find a restaurant with a salad bar." He said, "Who are you and what did you do with my wife?" hehehe. We ate at Olive Garden and had the grilled chicken and grilled vegetables. I loved it!

I can't wait to share my experience with my friend, M.B. who contacted you.

Thank you again! You made me realize so much about me and I needed that. I can't wait to share with the folks in my office!

Take care,


I canít thank you enough. You gave me the validity to be me! I always felt like there was something wrong with me because I tend to be an introvert but you asked me if there was anything wrong with that and I said no. I needed to hear that. Thereís nothing wrong with being me!

I went to the grocery store last night and bought only from the outside aisles which are better for me and not the inside ones which are refined foods. I feel like a new me already!

My friend, L.W. asked me to do lunch with her tomorrow. She cancelled her 2nd appt. with T.M. in Pittsburgh. She wants to talk to me about my experience with you. I told her itís like night and day. Iím sure sheíll be in touch with you again

I came to Dr. Eimer for help with weight loss. A thyroid condition causing slowed metabolism and my general stress helped to create the problem. Dr. Eimer has put me under hypnosis to encourage my self control and help me to avoid sugary and fatty foods, and to help me eat a more reasonable amount of food. Dr. Eimer's suggestions have helped me to lose 6 1/2 pounds over the last three weeks and have curbed my appetite and desire for pitfall foods. I went down from a size 10 to a size 8. He has made me hypnosis CD tapes to listen to at home and they encourage me to continue the process. Dr. Eimer's personality and professional style have given me the determination and tools to succeed not only to lose weight, but also to change the underlying emotional and physical causes. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Eimer.

J.C., Philadelphia, PA

Dear Dr. Eimer,

It's been two weeks since our clinical hypnosis session to help me quit smoking. I am overjoyed to report that I am still a non-smoker and have never felt better. As a pack a day smoker for almost 30 years, I am amazed that I have had few withdrawal pangs and don't even think about smoking that much. I truly walked out of your office believing that I was a non-smoker.

There are so many improvements since our session. I am falling asleep at night and sleeping more soundly than I can ever remember. I used to go outside to smoke if I awakened during the night and now turn right over and fall back to sleep. People are commenting on my overall improved appearance - my skin looks so much healthier and I have more energy. I feel more calm.

In the past I tried the patch, gum, etc. and failed at every attempt to stop smoking. I didn't even last a day as a non-smoker. Our hypnosis session changed my life and I cannot thank you enough. I tell people it was the most "magical" experience - I have my life and health back where it belongs and it has been virtually effortless.

Thanks again. I'll be in touch in the near future to set up another session to work on creative and stress issues.

Holly H.

Dear Dr Eimer,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you. You have given me back my life. Food has controlled my life for as long as I can remember. Now after just one visit and listening to my tape I feel that I have gained back control of my life.

I am finding myself eating three meals a day. I am totally relaxed at night and am finally able to enjoy my evenings without the constant urge to eat and snack all night.

Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dear Dr. Eimer,

About 5 years ago, you helped me stop smoking.  I haven't had a cigarette since that day!

Shelly M.

Hey Dr. Bruce,

Just wanted to let you know today we celebrate 1 year without a cigarette!

Mike S.

Hey Dr Bruce,

This is Mike. Just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know I am enjoying life as a Non Smoker now. Today is 8 days. I am already starting to feel much better. Thank you again for your help. I gave your number to a few people at work.

Thanks again,

Hi Dr. Eimer,

Just wanted to touch base and say that it is now 3 weeks that I am a non-smoker. I am certainly on the road to success.

Thank you for your help!

Have a nice weekend!

Best Regards,
Linda W.

Dear Dr. Eimer,

Thank you for helping me gain control over my binge eating. With your help, I have been able to
do what a hospital that specializes in eating disorders was unable to help me do! I know that your
continued support and patience had a lot to do with my recovery. I also found the hypnosis work
that we did very helpful.

Linda P.

Dear Dr. Eimer,

After you helped me stop smoking I was really afraid that I would gain weight as I had previous
times I had stopped. But your suggestions in the office and the hypnosis tapes helped me rethink
my fears and my ability to control my cravings. I realized that I did not have to substitute food for
cigarettes! Thank you.

Rhonda W.

Dear Dr. Bruce,

I was never able to really relax before I came to see you. Your calming voice and reassuring and
confident manner and your explanations about how hypnosis works really made a difference. I
cried the first time I really let go and relaxed during our hypnosis session. I am practicing self
hypnosis every day now and it has really helped me control my overeating. My irritable bowel
symptoms have also improved.

Kelly G.

Dear Dr. Eimer,

Thank you for helping me cut down on my problem wine drinking. I am actually not drinking wine
during the week anymore except for a glass or two when my wife and I go out to dinner. I now
limit my wine drinking on the weekends to a couple of glasses. I use the self hypnosis exercise
and the tape you gave me to relax after work instead. I have also started running again. I am
also watching my carbs. The suggestions you gave me about treating my body with respect and
dignity and that my body is a Temple really stuck. Thanks again!

Jim T.


I feel our short time together has been helpful. And the discussions with you along with previous therapy has given me a game plan for focusing on my issues and improving / changing my negative behavior and replacing it with more useful activities.

Thanks for your help,

Dear Dr. Eimer,

Thanks for helping me work on my weight issues. I didnít expect it to be so easy. Your hypnosis
and the tapes really helped me stay on track! I am happy to say that I am no longer craving ice
cream and that I have lost 18 pounds since I first came to see you.

Bob S.

Thank you for the weekend session it helped me quite a bit.  I appreciate you taking the time to have a session with me.  Your work is quite good.

Ms. W.

Dr. Eimer,

This is MLU. I was there last Wednesday for overeating. I just want to tell you that in the past week I have eaten 3 meals a day and I don't even think of eating anything in the evening. I went to 2 parties and I behaved myself and I just feel very thankful. I am just hoping it doesn't go away. I listen to the tape twice a day. Thank you very much. I actually feel like a new woman and I am totally in control of myself.


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